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Marriages – The Bride’s Story

Marriages – The Bride’s Story

Bridal Dreams

Bridal Journey of Our 2021 Bride, Sheetal:

Every marriage is a grand event. Not just because of the kind of expenses which are incurred, but also because of a hundred other things. As a bride, I have been there and done that. My wedding was extravagant and like most girls, I had dreamed of a lot of things. Each of my dreams had turned true and I even met my handsome prince who tinted out to be my Mr. Perfect. Here is a rundown of the things I did and the emotions I went through as well.

My Mr. Right

Of course, there are few things as beautiful as meeting the true love of my life. Knowing that I would now be spending the rest of my life with him was a very beautiful feeling. When I saw him looking at me, I could see love in his eyes. I wanted to believe that the passion and emotion will stay the same for the rest of our life. He was perfect and so was the moment and I chipped in a prayer wishing that we stay just like this till the end of times.

Dear Daddy

Leaving your family behind is one of the most emotional moments. Being an Indian bride, we have the tradition of finally leaving our parent’s home to stay with our husband and his family. Leaving daddy, mom, sister and the rest of the family behind tore my heart to pieces. I wanted to keep stealing one more glance to lock them in my heart and my memories because no matter what people told, I knew that things would change not just for today but for the rest of my life as well.

The Pictures

Oh yes, I loved posing and clicking all those pictures which I knew I would see for the rest of my life. I wanted to preserve every single moment and I wanted to relive them whenever I would feel like witnessing the golden moments. We took a lot of candid shots and a whole lot of other pictures and even now, when I see the wedding album, it fills me with immense joy and pride. I revisit the memory lanes and often find myself trapped in between the pages of my album.

The New Life

Marriage often marks the beginning of a new life. When I was getting married, I knew we were stepping into the new territory. I was anxious, happy and even a little sad. There were so many things and people I was leaving behind and I was embracing a lot of new moments too. So, I knew that the wings of change have come and it was now time to start this new phase.

So far, things have been good. Yes, there are a lot of up’s and downs, days when I wish I could embrace my young, wild bird, independent free soul and then there are days when I entwine my hand with my husband and I know that I couldn’t have asked for a better life.


Bride - Sheetal, 2021