Collection: Sahe Di Chithi (Anand Karaj)

"Sahe Chithi" also known as "Saha Di Chithi," is a very special invitation which is exchanged between the bride and grooms family to officially invite each other to the marriage.

With the exchange of the Sahe Chithi, the wedding preps then officially begin. This traditional custom has been followed for many years, till today.Β 

We have a range of elaborate Sahe Chithi designs in stock, ranging from Dholi, sparkly diamante designs and some even with a musical touch within them.Β 


For musical Sahe Di Chithi - Please email us as these are ordered currently on request. We may have some musical ones in stock which we can show our customers but currently the designs below dont have music.

Musical Sahe Chithi play's the famous bridal song "aaj din shagna da chadeya" as soon as you open the box. Please see our instagram page: @houseoftaniska for the video or contact us for additional pictures.Β 

AtΒ, we wish every bride and their family lots of happiness and goodΒ moments ahead. A wedding in the family is a special time, and we would like to send our best wishes to you on this very special occasion.Β 



Sahe Di Chithi (Anand Karaj)