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Mayian Fatti (Full) Set - Hot Pink Design

Mayian Fatti (Full) Set - Hot Pink Design

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A beautiful hot pink Fabric print mayian set. This is a full set which consists of all items as shown in the picture and listed below: 


  • Large stainless steel Plate, covered in hot pink print
  • 1 Pakhi (fan for our gorgeous Bride / groom to be)
  • Fatti and Foot Rest (for the bride or groom)
  • Drinking Glass
  • 2 Koli's (different sizes)
  • 1 small round dibbi with lid (multi-purpose)
  • 1 Gharvi
  • 1 Rumaal
  • 1 Potli Bag with strings for fastening
  • 1 small multi-purpose plastic bottle for use during mayian
  • Free coconut display ("not to be consumed, for display purposes only; it cannot be delivered internationally, UK only due to individual country restrictions) hence will only be added to UK shipments). 


DISCLAIMER: Due to the current pandemic and in light of customer safety, we currently are not offering a hiring facility. The mayian set can only be purchased as a complete set. 


**Note for International customers: in this bundle we also have a free coconut display, unfortunately due to shipping restrictions, we wont be able to include this in the purchase. 

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