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DHOLI Punjabi Phulkari Dupatta - Ruby Red

DHOLI Punjabi Phulkari Dupatta - Ruby Red

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A beautiful combination of colours adds the perfect touch to a phulkari. 


Perfect for: Lori, weddings, jaggo, as a gift, shagun (especially for the bride), roka ceremony's, mehndi events. We also have matching themed anklets and necklace sets. 


Handcrafted in India this is a perfect gift for yourself or someone special.


This design has been inspired with the Dholi / Bharaat theme in mind. A perfect collection and must have especially for brides, it helps map the special moments of the brides big day ("your shaadi/viaah"), the emotions and feelings the bride goes through.


A perfect present to buy after the wedding as well, to wear when meeting and greeting guests, functions after the wedding, and can also be worn by non brides during lohri etc. 


**Please note the original price for this phulkari is: £65.95 however due to the current festive season: Lohri, Diwali, New Year - we have price locked this design till further notice at the price of £55.95. 

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