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Limited Edition Meenakari KALASH

Limited Edition Meenakari KALASH

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This beautiful Kalash has been sourced from Jaipur, Rajasthan in India. 

Kalash is a vessel used in Indian rituals and it is referred to as "overflowing full vase" (purno-asya Kalasha) in the Vedas. It is viewed as a symbol of abundance, wisdom, and immortality.

Kalasha is used to depict knowledge and faith. Apart from celebrating marriages, the Kalasha is also used during other joyous events such as a house warming, child birth or the purchase of a new car.


Kalash is Decorated with Meenakari Print:-

Minakari Enamel Surface Painting is well known and famous across India especially in areas such as Bombay, Delhi & Punjab. 

Meenakari (Minakari) is the art of colouring and ornamenting the surface of metals by fusing over it with gorgeous vibrant colours that are decorated in an intricate design. Furthermore, Mina is the feminine form of Minoo in Persian, meaning heaven. Mina refers to the Azure colour of heaven and really adds a stunning touch to maaiya / bridal accessories. 

Asian weddings most famously use Meenakari plates, cups and thalis during special rituals for the bride and groom. 

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