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Sahe Chithi - Anand Karaj Invitation

Sahe Chithi - Anand Karaj Invitation

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Pre-printed Sahi Chithi wording which has blank lines where you can hand write the required names and wedding details.


SAHE DI CHITHI - Refers to the custom in punjabi weddings where the girl’s family prepare a wedding invitation for the boy’s family to officially invite the boy’s family to the solemnisation of the marriage and implies that you should now begin preps for the wedding day. 

It is a very special invitation which is exchanged between the bride and grooms family to officially invite each other to the marriage.

The invitation is prepared in the presence of the elders in the family, as a sign of respect. It is splashed with saffron, which gives a red stain. Red is symbolic and is the symbol of the renewal of life in Indian culture, which is what the marriage signifies. 

The traditional significance of this ceremony:

With the exchange of the Sahe Chithi, the wedding preps then officially begin. This traditional custom has been followed for many years, till today. 

We have a range of elaborate Sahe Chithi designs in stock, ranging from Dholi, sparkly diamante designs and some even with a musical touch within them. 

At, we wish every bride and their family lots of happiness and good moments ahead. A wedding in the family is a special time, and we would like to send our best wishes to you on this very special occasion. 

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